Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). Please share what you have been reading in the comments!


Geek Girl Con announces that their interactive DIY Science Zone will be back for Geek Girl Con 2014.

School’s Out Washington celebrates passage of a bill to form an Expanded Learning Opportunities Council in Washington state. Congrats you guys!

This is the  LAST WEEKEND to buy GIRL SCOUT COOKIES in Western Washington. Click here to find cookies near you.


The Girl Scouts, Lean In, and Beyonce (Beyonce!!) team up to Ban Bossy, sparking an interesting conversation. Banning one word isn’t going to solve girls’ big problems (like depression, racism, and adults) BUT language matters, and discussion can be good.  Ann Friedman at NY Magazine, Margie Warrell at Forbes, and Jill Flipovich and Hadley Freeman at the Guardian all weigh in. What do you think?

It’s Women’s History Month! How should you celebrate? A Might Girl has recommended reads. Grab one, and share it with a girl in your life.

Sociological Images comments on a study that says playing with Barbies limits girls’ career aspirations.

15 of the 40 finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search are girls. The article goes on to explain that girls regularly rock the competition, winning twelve times since 1991. More on the finalists here.


The Girl Effect calls for turning International Women’s Day on its head: “Instead of spending today talking about the issues girls face and what that will mean for them as women, let’s take a different track. Let’s spend the day celebrating the girls who are doing something about it, the girls who are changing things.” Right on!

GirlUp encourages everyone to advocate on behalf of Syria’s children for Take Action Tuesday. Use the hashtag #NoGenerationLost to raise awareness on social media. Need motivation to act? Watch this video about growing up in a war zone.

Girls Scouts Spirit of Nebraska and the Spark! Movement send girl delegates to Commission on the Status of Women at the UN. You girls rock!


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