Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). Please share what you have been reading in the comments!


Spring Break is almost here! Check out Reel Grrls and You Grow Girl’s spring break camps, whether you’re looking for a program for a girl, or a chance to volunteer.

Are you geek? Fan girl? Nerd? Geek Girl Con put out their yearly call for programming. If you know what you want to see at Geek Girl Con, why not create it?

Youth Development Executives of King County (YDEKC) is doing some amazing things to strengthen the youth development field. As a backbone organization, it’s often working behind the scenes, so take a minute to read up!

Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle hosted an Income Inequality Symposium at Seattle University. I wrote up my thoughts. You can read/hear more from KPLU.

Ladies is First is rocking and rolling again this week! They appeared on School Insider last week to talk about their work. My fave quote: “Every school should have a program like this.” YUP. You can shake their hands in person at a screening of Girl Rising tonight! 


In corporate partnership news, Teavana®/Starbucks and Oprah will donate some of the proceeds from the new Teavana® Oprah Chai to Girls Inc. (and a few other orgs). So go buy some tea!

Sales genius and Girl Scout Katie Francis sold 18,000 boxes of cookies this year, breaking the record and raising $63,000. She’s planning to donate her portion to breast cancer research. Katie, you rock!

In other Girl Scouts news, staffers organized a briefing on Capitol Hill to present their research “The State of Girls: Unfinished Business.” If you haven’t read it yet, check it out with a nice cup of Oprah tea and some cookies purchased from Katie Francis.

In the Research Blog over at Spark!, Marisa Ragonese recounts the history of the Riot Grrl movement, how it ushered in third wave feminism, and gave rise to organizations like Spark! Great read for Women’s History Month.


BuzzFeed profiled 7 Teen Girls Who are Changing the World. How awesome is that?!?! I mean, I loved those animals who are disappointed in me, but this is way cooler.

You can now stream Girl Rising, the incredible documentary about girls’ education, from the comfort of your own home/seat on the train/cubicle. OR go watch it with Ladies First in Tacoma!

McGill Law Feminists posted a beautiful series of photographs of women and men proclaiming they are feminists. Check out our Canadian brothers and sisters.


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