Girls Speak Out About Body Image

By Hannah Banks and Sierra Anderson, Nathan Hale High School Seniors

When Hannah and I were searching for our topic for our high school senior culminating project, we were astounded by some of the alarming facts that we were coming across about the pressures girls feel in their lives. I had earlier written a paper about the effects of media on girl as well as body image, and so we thought that we could explore those ideas further. Producing this video, Hannah and I decided to let the community know what girls really deal with.

We first sat down with these courageous girls, and had an open discussion about the pressures, challenges, and issues they have had with body image through out their lives. Then we interviewed the girls (with their kind permissions), recording their ideas and views, to make their points even clearer. Our hope is that the community will thereby better understand that there is a problem with our culture, especially with the way that we look at a girls’ body — that most every girl deals with issues about the way she looks, and that looks are not the most important thing. If we each listen to these girls, and just change our own mindsets, perhaps this would not be such a huge problem!

Thank you from Sierra and Hannah, and we hope you find the discussion by these girls as enlightening and deeply inspiring as we did.

Note from Alison: It was a real pleasure working with Sierra and Hannah on their Senior Project! I am extremely proud to share their video on this site. I feel honored to share girls’ voices. As a Hale alum, I even more thrilled to show what Hale students can do. Go Raiders and good luck to Sierra and Hannah as they finish out their senior year!


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