Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). Please share what you have been reading in the comments!


The big story locally is #GiveBIG, the Seattle Foundation’s online giving day. The foundation will “stretch” donations made on May 6. The more organizations raise, the more stretch dollars they get. If you want help deciding where to give, I wrote a blog post with my suggestions. You can also go to the Seattle Foundation’s website to search for your favorite organization. Then, celebrate by attending the Reel Grrls happy hour on Tuesday!

And in minimum wage news, the Mayor’s office released a plan to raise the minimum wage in Seattle to $15 per hour with a three to seven year phase-in (depending on company size).

You Grow Girl and Annara Counseling Services have a bunch of opportunities for girls coming up this month, including a series of workshops starting May 22 for teenage girls and their families to increase family strength.

Save the date: the Reclaiming Prosperity series at Town Hall presents “Gender and Work” on May 19. Panelists will discuss the the changing nature of work and gender norms.


Girl Up, is looking for girl leaders for their Teen Advisory Board. Nominate a girl by May 31! Teen Advisors play an integral role in Girl Up’s campaign.

New York City will provide free after-school programs to ALL middle school students. That’s over 60,000 students! Youth Today has the story.

The Girl Scouts did a bunch of cool stuff last week: They held a congressional briefing on financial literacy for girls, went on the Today’s show to promote selfies and self-love, and (my personal favorite) called for the creation of a National Girls’ Research Coalition.

Even without a research coalition, 4 interesting studies came out last week:
(1) The first study concludes that calling a girl fat makes her more likely to become obese.
(2) The second concluded that first-born girls are more ambitious and qualified than first-born boys.
(3) The third concluded that girls do better than boys at all levels of school in all subjects, debunking the myth that girls aren’t good at math and science (we just gotta translate into pay equity…)
(4) The final study concluded that girls’ superior people skills allow them to do better than boys in criminal street gangs, challenging the image of girls in gangs as wilting lilies and victims.


The top international story is the ongoing hunt (or lack thereof) for the girls kidnapped from their school in Nigeria. The Guardian has an article about the challenges girls in Nigeria face when they seek an education. Sign the petition demanding government action! The story came to prominence thanks to social media pressure, and grassroots advocacy will be necessary to keep it in the news.

Sajeda Amin of the Population Council explains why boycotting Made-In-Bagladesh products will not protect the workers, who are mostly adolescent girls.


One thought on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Sounds like there are more things happening on the girl front than I knew about. Nice to have you ferret them out for me. I will interested in keeping up with your blog to find out not only what you are doing, but what opportunities are out there for girls.

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