Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). Please share what you have been reading in the comments!


Ladies First co-founder T’wina Franklin was honored with the WASA Community Leadership Award for her contributions to education. Congratulations T’wina! Thank you for all that you do for girls!

It’s a big week at Reel Grrls! Check out their work at two screenings at the NW Folklife Festival (Saturday at 1:40 and Monday at 5:00). Then, go check out their new space at their Open House on May 30.

Love beer and Girl Justice? Well, I do, and one of my favorite breweries is teaming up with one of my favorite organizations for Girls on the Run Night at Reuben’s Brews on June 5. A portion of the proceeds go to Girls on the Run, so fill your growlers and have another!

Want to go to the Bridge conference for free? Take School’s Out Washington’s professional development survey. 

If you’re feeling helpless in the face of the bad news (and there’s plenty out there) watch Girl Scouts WW’s video about a troop from White Center that has been involved in Girl Scouts for ten years.

Confused about how we’re funding education in Washington State? Go to Unpacking McCleary: Addressing Equity, Opportunity, and Funding in Washington State’s Education System, hosted by the Washington State Budget and Policy Center at Town Hall on May 29th. 


Everyday Feminism calls for more positive representations of female athletes in the news media. Why? Female athletes are role models for girls and young women, not sex objects. Yeah! Her article includes 4 things non-athletes/non-sports journalists can do.

Want to make a difference in the international sphere? Apply to be a youth observer at the United Nations! Girl Up has the details…

The Representation Project hosts an interesting conversation between Melissa Atkins Wardy and Jennifer Siebel Newsom about “redefining girly” and broadening gender roles for girls.

Also at the Representation Project, the best breakdown I’ve read on the portrayal of people of color in music videos, explained by a girl. Good reminder that adults have a lot to learn from youth!

Smart Girls at the Party held an art contest!  Check out the winning works by girls age 4 to 49.


I served in the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps for three years. Last fall, the supreme court decided that Dominicans of Haitian descent were not citizens, throwing most of my community into legal limbo. This morning the senate approved a naturalization/regularization process. Ozy profiles Deisy Toussaint, a young female activist whose writing exposed the absurdity of the Dominican government’s racist policies. She’s my hero.

It’s a good day for profiles! Girl Hub features a great profile on Sandrine Umuhoza, a female carpenter in Rwanda.  Girl Up profiles Sister Rosemary Nyriumbe, a Ugandan nun who has been providing shelter and education to girls affected by the civil war for 20 years. Read and be inspired!

Great piece on Vox about why #BringBackOurGirls amounted to more than just “hastag activism.” Their key finding? Nigerians started the hashtag, and the international community picked it up, providing “Western backup for local activists whose weapon is public protest and dissent.”

Half the Sky produced a video titled “What’s So Scary About Smart Girls?” Definitely worth a minute. I teared up a little bit.


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