Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). Please share what you have been reading in the comments!


Ladies First is cleaning up! The Tacoma PTSA awarded the group the prestigious Golden Acorn Award. Congrats!

Techbridge, a San Francisco based girls in STEM org that is opening a Seattle office, released an online tool-kit to prepare adults to engage youth in STEM. Way cool!

Want to go to an awesome party AND do something great for the community tomorrow? Sign up for Seattle Works Day, a giant day of volunteering, Today! Thanks Seattle Works. 🙂

Reel Grrl’s open house is tonight! Check out their new home from 4:00 to 7:00.

And don’t forget to go to Reuben’s next Thursday (6/5) to grab a beer to benefit Girls on the Run.


Maya Angelou passed away at the age of 86. She will be dearly missed.

#YesAllWomen exploded onto the scene in the wake of the tragic shooting in Isla Vista. Male allies responded with #AllMenCan. What does it all mean? Jessica Valenti at the Guardian, Tom Watson at Forbes, and Elizabeth Plank at Policy Mic weigh in.

What do girls think about Jill Abramson’s ouster from the New York Times? Maya Brown, Sam Holmes, and Madeleine Nesbitt at Spark Movement analyze the media coverage and what it means for girls.

Also at Spark, Madeleine explains why we need to read more female authors, from our personal bookshelves and in school curriculums.

Samantha Eyler at Everyday Feminism outlines the myths that lead girls and young women to believe that sexual harassment is totally normal.


#BringBackOurGirls seems to have faded in prominence in the wake of #YesAllWomen and Maya Angelou’s passing, but there were important developments last week. 4 girls escaped their captors, but the Nigerian government has not launched a rescue mission, fearing for the safety of the remaining girls. The Washington Post released an interview with two Nigerian young women about what it is like to be a girl in school in Nigeria.

The Girl Effect released a safety tool-kit for organizations working with girls. The tool-kit “provides practical advice and guidance on how to keep girls safe within programmes and how to manage and address risks if they arise.”

Aljazeera shares an interesting story on the digital divide between women and men in Africa.


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