Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). 


The most exciting piece of girl-justice news (local, national, or international!) is the release of “Girl Trends and Economic Opportunity: Career Trends and Regional Aspirations: What Girls See and What they Don’t.” I got take a sneak peak at the brief, and it is a fascinating look how girls think about careers, based on original research conducted in our region. Mega props to Ann Muno, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Director of Advocacy, for spearheading this work.

There’s a lot to celebrate at Girl Scouts this week! 17 girls received their Gold Awards, the highest awards that Girl Scouts can earn. Check out their projects on the Girl Scouts blog.


Jules Spector, creator of Teen Feminist, shares “4 Reasons Why Teens Should be Exposed to Feminism.” Right on girl! Couldn’t agree more.

Youth can lose an entire grade level of learning during summer vacation, but only 1/3 of low-income youth have access to high quality summer learning programs. Youth Today reports that Michelle Obama wants to fix that, calling for more resources for summer learning programs. Hooray!


It’s world cup time! The U.S. is advancing to the elimination rounds. What does that have to do with girls? Thanks to Smart Girls at the Party for sharing “The Athlete” a ten minute documentary about a girls’ soccer league for Tibetan schools in India. If you’re already pumped for next year’s Women’s World Cup (and I know that I am!) check out the resources highlighted in “A Beautiful Game”A Mighty Girl’s celebration of soccer.

Rocio Ortega at Girl Up shares what she learned while visiting a refugee camp for Somali girls in Ethiopia. She urges more attention for the issues refugee girls face because “what’s more powerful than a refugee girl is an empowered refugee girl who knows her voice and will use it to change the world.”

And in New Zealand a new super hero is born: Dr Michelle Dickinson or “Nano Girl” will be presenting a TED talk about her nanotechnology research. Maybe Nano Girl and Data Girl should team up!


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