Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). 


Powerful Voices’ new intern Paige shares what she’s learned in her first three weeks on the job. Thanks for sharing Paige!

Geek Girl Con released their monthly “Geek About Town” highlighting geeky events for girls (both big and little). I’m especially excited to catch Katniss in all her glory in Catching Fire at Marymoore Park’s outdoor movies series.

Youth Development Executives of King County (YDEKC) released their monthly “Field Notes” with updates from around the Youth Development field.


If you’re hoping to see a movie this Fourth of July weekend, check out Belle. Montgomery Jones at Spark Movement reviews the biopic about a biracial aristocrat and social activist in late 18th century England. She credits the film with telling a story we don’t often hear: the story of a a period piece that focuses on a mixed race person, rather than “the rich, white, aristocrat.”

Also at Spark: Lilanaz Evans saves the day with tips for cultivating the perfect beach body hair. A must read for summer beauty. #NoShaveForever.

I don’t know about you, but my facebook newsfeed is overflowing with girl-power themed commercials. They’re cool, but they always make me feel a little funny. Simone Lieban at Ms. Magazine takes a closer look at the trend. On a similar note, Elizabeth Plank calls out using feminism to sell ladies more stuff. After all, with the pay gap, we really can’t afford all this junk. 

Three of the coolest six-year-olds in the world take over California skate parks, kick the guys’ asses, and then start their own business. Pink Helmet Posee, you are my heroes!


The National Constitution Center awarded Malala Yousafzai the Liberty Medal for her “courageous fight for equality and liberty from tyranny.” She continues to advocate for girls’ rights and education after surviving an assassination attempt. Her persistence “is evidence that a passionate, committed leader, regardless of age, has the power to ignite a movement for reform.” YUP. Next stop, NOBEL PRIZE. Ms. Magazine has the full story.

Literally uniting girls to change the world, the Girl Up Leadership Summit brought together 175 girl leaders from 28 states and 6 countries. Find out what happened!


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