Weekly Roundup

My weekly take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). 


School’s Out Washington’s Washington State Quality Standards for Afterschool and Youth Development Programs got a shout out in the Washington Recreation and Parks Association Newsletter. Bravo SOWA!

Elena Hernandez at The Washington State Budget and Policy Center reveals that economic hardship is the most common Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) faced by kids in Washington State. 25% of kids experience economic hardship.


I love love love data, but Youth Today makes some great points about the struggles that non-profits face to feed our appetites for numbers.

Everyday Feminism had some great articles on girls this week. Kelsey Lueptow breaks down the forces that pressure girls to appear less smart, and suggests two changes that could make a difference: bust the gender binary and end gender-based aggression. Sarah Trembath shares tips for adults on keeping their kids safe from predators. While stranger danger is not the biggest risk youth face (youth know their abuser 88% of the time), youth workers should be thinking about how we can help youth develop these assets in our programs.


The Girl Effect, which began its campaign with a short animated field, has branched out into live theater.

Girl Up called on everyone to take action on the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by supporting the Girls Count Act. The bill “supports programs in developing countries that improve birth registration and promote policies that prevent discrimination against girls.” It may be August 1, but it’s never too late to reach out to your representative to voice your support. 


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