Girl Justice Roundup

My take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). 


The theme from local news this week is congratulations, congratulations, congratulations (and one major bummer).

Congratulations to Nancy Chang, the new Executive Director at Reel Grrls! Before taking the helm at Reel Grrls, change founded and led the board of Skate Like a Girl.

Congratulations to Techbridge on their successful launch of their middle school STEM program.

Congratulations to Geek Girl Con on their fourth annual conference. If you missed it, they live blogged it!

Congratulations to Girl Scout Brook Sahli! She received her gold award for her anti-bullying project. Three of her Girl Scout sisters in Mukilteo who launched their own anti-bullying project got recognized by the city. Way to go girls!

Congratulations to Powerful Voices staff starting new roles at the organization. Check out who’s moving where on their blog.

Major Bummer: School’s Out Washington reports on a study by the Afterschool Alliance that places Washington in the “Bottom 10 for States in Nation for Afterschool Participation.” Not good guys, not good.


The Girl Scouts Research Institute report on girl wellbeing is generating a lot of media interest: “10 Best & Worst States to Raise a Girl: Is Yours on the List?” at Cafe Mom, “Indiana fares poorly on survey of girls’ well-being” at Pal-Item, “The 10 Best States to Be a Little Girl in America: Research” at The Street.

Corinne Gaston at Ms. Magazine wrote an excellent critique of the He-For-She campaign, questioning what online activism means in the real world, including five tips for how to “live your like.”

The dress code wars continue! The latest code out of North Dakota bans tight jeans, leggings, and jeggings because they make girls like prostitutes (according to administrators). Ms. Magazine very helpfully suggests 4 other clothing items that schools should ban so that boys can concentrate. (also by Corinne Gaston)

The Carnegie Science Center in Pennsylvania drew ire after offering a wide array of science programs to Boy Scouts, and the only “Science with a Sparkle”, the science of make-up, to Girl Scouts. 

Smart Girls at the Party has been acquired by digital media company Legendary Entertainment. Watch Amy’s video on the site to find out what happens next. This could mean shows featuring girls changing the world by being themselves.


The Girl Effect makes the connection between violence in Syria and violence against girls, and calls on us to work to end all violence against girls.

Interesting piece at Girls’ Globe on “Why Menstruation Matters.” 

And one last Malala piece (for now): “15 Times Malala Nailed It” from Global Citizen.


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