Girl Justice Roundup

My take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). 


Attend a community conversation about Youth Development in King County! Youth Development Executives of King County (YDEKC) has the details. Especially as dollars drop even as demand for programming grows.

Visit with Ladies First and Girl Scouts of Western Washington at Tacoma Makes a Difference Day, Tacoma’s volunteer fair.

If you’re looking to grow your cross cultural communication skills (and really: we all need to do that) Seattle Girls School is hosting a workshop hosted by Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee on Wednesday night. In other SGS news, check out their sweet blog post written by the school’s founder Sharon Hammel.

This month’s Seattle’s Child includes an article about how to get girls involved in STEM.

Garfield students are taking a stand again police brutality.


Girls changing the world! 12-year-old McKenna Peterson called out Dick’s Sporting Goods for including only one girl (a spectator) in their catalogue. Dicks released a statement saying they “are currently reviewing our catalog process so we can do a better job in the future.” Go McKenna go!!

Youth Today profiles young women celebrating Day of the Girl. Girls across the country held events to raise the profile of girls’ issues worldwide. Girls are just the greatest.

Teen Feminist shares the ten reasons why she needs feminism.

Nobody wants to admit that their kid might be the bad guy, but Everyday Feminism has tips to recognize if your kids is the bully (and what to do about it).

At their national convention, Girl Scouts are examining the relative roles of STEM and outdoor leadership. Check out The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and NPR for the story.


The Gates Foundation looks at the connection between Women and Girls issues and sanitation.

A Canadian group connects women and girls across generations to explore aging through film.

Melissa Hillenbrenner at the UN Foundation writes about the importance of a birth certificate for every girl. 

One more article in the Malala love-fest: Policy Mic shares 8 ways that Malala has changed the world.


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