Giving Tuesday: Give For Girls!

Today is the day you can feel good about spending money! The predecessor of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is our opportunity to make a big splash spending money for social good. But why should you give for girls? Because there’s a measurable girl effect when you do, making all communities better!

Where should you give to make a difference for girls? There are LOTS of good options, but here are a few of the organizations I like to support:


Young Women Empowered: Y-WE is an innovative leadership organization for teen girls. It serves over 400 girls a year from all over Western Washington.
My favorite thing: They intentionally bring girls together from different social classes, and connect girls to adult mentors. Feel excited about Y-WE? GIVE NOW! 

Girls on the Run:  Girls on the Run combines running with self-esteem and social/emotional health for girls grades 3-5. They serve over 1000 girls across King County.
My favorite thing: Elementary school-aged girls can leaders too! GIVE NOW! And right now you can help them get started in Snohomish County! GIVE NOW! 

Powerful Voices: The grandaddy of girl justice, Powerful Voices helps girls build leadership skills and create change.
My favorite thing: They also work hard to strengthen the community by sharing their incredibly Girl Justice Training. GIVE NOW!


Girls Outdoor Leadership School (GOLD): I’m so proud to put this org in the national column! GOLD grew out of a merger between the Metrocenter YMCA and Passages Northwest, and now provides outdoor experiences for 400 girls across the state, AND is expanding to YMCA’s across the country!
My favorite thing: Local organization makes big on the national stage! GIVE NOW!


Let Girls LeadThese guys use storytelling, advocacy, and economic empowerment to improve the lives of girls across the globe.
My favorite thing: They work to support and amplify the work of local advocates. GIVE NOW! 


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