Girl Justice Roundup

My take on the news from the Girl Justice movement (locally, nationally, and internationally). 


The Trayvon Martin Foundation selected You Grow Girl as one of their local partners to expand education opportunities for inner-city youth. They’ll kick off their partnership on May 19 at the Justice and Peace Mixer in Columbia City. Congrats to You Grow Girl, and THANKS for all the hard work on behalf of girls!

Season 3 of the PBS series SciGirls dropped on April 15. The series features real girls doing real cool science. To learn how to use SciGirls in your STEM program, check out the Pacific Northwest Girls’ Collaborative Project’s Professional Development Day on April 25.

Awesome piece at the Gates Foundations Blog by Melaya Medrano, a Chief Sealth High School student, debunking the myths about youth volunteering and recounting her journey to volunteerism.

Read up on how Girls on the Run of Puget Sound helps girls develop healthy habits. Then sign up to be a running buddy! It’s one of the most impactful, easiest, and rewarding short-term volunteer opportunities around!

WA Senator Patty Murray chats with female scientists at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center about “boosting women in STEM.” That’s a pretty powerful combination!


Kent State developed a new app to help African American girls, manage stress. The Program for Research on Anxiety Disorders among African-Americans created the app in response to research with African American women, who reported wishing they’d learned emotional management skills earlier in their lives.

Jon Greenberg at Everyday Feminism analyzes what public schools can do, and often fail to do, to combat institutional racism.

Loved this Planet Money episode about how Maddie Messer, age 12, researched the lack of female video game characters, made a case for why that’s whack, and convinced game companies to change their ways. You rock Maddie!

Teen Feminist shares a list of her favorite companies owned by women and girls, who produce products for women and girls.

To kick off financial literacy month, the Girl Scouts released “5 Money-Saving Tips for Teens.” The tips apply equally well to adults!


Looking for an opportunity to analyze the “invest in girls” rhetoric? Here are two great ones!

TED put together a “playlist” of talks about the importance of educating girls.

The Directors of RISING at the Population Council write about how investing in girls can change the world.


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