Even superheroes only have 24 hours each day, and there’s only so much you can do. Data Girl will take on the projects that you and your staff don’t have time or expertise for. Alison Driver (Data Girl’s secret identity) will help you bring people together, create new programs, or conduct research.

Some highlights:

  • Program Development: As a Peace Corps volunteer, Alison grew a one-week girls’ empowerment summer camp in the Dominican Republic into a national girl justice initiative with a series of regional, sub-regional, and national conferences, a 10 member Youth Advisory Board, and girls’ groups in over 20 communities.
  • Research and Evaluation: Alison collaborated with the Director of Advocacy at the Girl Scouts to conduct ten focus groups with community partners across Western Washington. The findings from the girl and adult volunteer-facilitated conversations will be released later this year.
  • Team Building: Alison chartered a Youth Program Quality Committee and worked to build community with team-members from five different departments. Through trust building and collaboration, the committee is now a high functioning project team.

For more information (including past projects), please check out the links below.


Program Development

Inventing and refreshing programs can take more time than you have to give. Never fear! Data Girl is here! She will consult with your team to create the curriculum and program plans you need to get an exciting and high quality endeavor off the ground. Past Projects: Cookie Consultants: Alison developed a volunteer program in partnership … Continue reading Program Development

Team Building and Facilitation

Holy conflict batman! Getting your team to  work together can be a challenge. Data Girl can help! Whether you’re building a new team, need a neutral party to facilitate a meeting, or want a new and creative agenda, an outside facilitator can help team members take risks, work together, and grow. Alison’s experience in facilitating conversations … Continue reading Team Building and Facilitation

Research and Evaluation

Even the bravest heroes fear the spreadsheet demons. Data Girl can help you vanquish them! She will work with your team to write research questions and conduct research that leads to actionable insights. She will find the information you need, and create the tools that make research and data accessible and understandable. Past Projects Our Community: Key Demographic Trends … Continue reading Research and Evaluation