Team Building and Facilitation

Holy conflict batman! Getting your team to  work together can be a challenge. Data Girl can help! Whether you’re building a new team, need a neutral party to facilitate a meeting, or want a new and creative agenda, an outside facilitator can help team members take risks, work together, and grow. Alison’s experience in facilitating conversations and building teams can help you be more cohesive, productive, and happy. For more information about meetings and team building, send up the Data Girl signal.

Past Projects

InfluenceHer Board Retreat: Alison worked with the board to identify priorities, develop the agenda, figure out the logistics, and engage facilitators for an 8 hour board retreat. Board members adopted a new mission and vision statement, developed a strategy screen, and formed committees with actions items to move forward. Several board members stated that it was the best board retreat they’d ever had!

Program Quality Initiative Project Team: Alison led a team of 9 individuals from different departments to create a project charter and communication plan for an organization-wide Youth Program Quality Initiative roll-out. Alison facilitated meetings, and used team building techniques to help folks who had not worked together became a team.

Camp GLOW Planning Committee: Alison led a team of 40 Peace Corps volunteers in the planning of a week-long girls’ leadership camp. She planned and facilitated four meetings and one retreat. She worked with the committee to develop the curriculum and logistics for a successful camp, and build a strong team to pull it off.

Youth, Families and Community Development Program In-Service Training: Alison facilitated key pieces of a three-day in-service training for youth development volunteers.