Alison did a fantastic job coordinating [the volunteers for] the Girl Scout’s “State of the Girl” Summit in May 2013. It was a truly inspiring event, and I can see how it will quickly pick up momentum and serve to impact girls lives here in Washington State. It’s success was due in large part to Alison’s management and communication talent.*

*This recommendation does not constitute and endorsement on behalf of the Seattle Women’s Commission.

Jaron Reed, Commissioner, Seattle Women’s Commission.

Alison has the unique ability to distill large quantities of data into just the right amount of data to spark meaningful dialogue. She values and investigates from a place of deep respect for the people and issues she researches. Her insights in the research design, data collection and analysis phases of our recent investigation of obstacles and supports to girls’ economic security were invaluable.

Ann Muno, Director of Advocacy, Girl Scouts Western Washington